DC’s Top 20 Munchies Spots

We’ve all been there. Standing around with no idea where to go but needing to satisfy our hunger right then. It might not happen everyday, but it almost certainly happens on one day. And that day is almost here again. It’s the one day of the year where the late night food cravings outweigh all logic. The one day where you can’t help but give into the ungodly desire to stuff your face with everything delicious. To help you successfully curb your cravings we carefully crafted a list DC’s top munchie destinations.

The list is based on 4 main criteria and contains a total of 20 restaurants. The deliciousness, overall accessibility, price, and chill-ness of each spot help earn it the (ahem) highest honor of making our Magnificent Munchies of DC list.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, let’s roll into DC’s best places to satisfy your munchies.

Milk Bar has your sweet tooth covered.

Magnificent Munchies of DC

  1. Amsterdam Falafel

    Think Chipotle but for Falafel. Just voted best late night food in DC by the City Paper, this falafelshop was a lock for the list.

  2. Muncheez

    The name pretty much sums it up. And the variety of menu items means everyone is leaving satisfied.

  3. Union Market

    It’s kinda expensive, but this food-haven couldn’t be ignored. All the countless options are super tasty. The worst part is deciding what to eat.

  4. Captain Cookie

    DC’s #1 spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. We suggest customizing your ultimate ice cream sandwich when you stop by.

  5. GCDC

    Washington’s one and only grilled cheese bar. Do we really need to explain why this made the list?

  6. Far East Taco Grill

    This Asian-Mexican fusion restaurant is far out. Stop by for one of the best burritos in all of DC.

  7. Julia’s Empanadas

    Julia’s specializes in creating pillows of goodness for your mouth. With 7 different styles, there’s an empanada for everyone.

  8. Bonchon

    Bonchon takes chicken wings to a whole new level. Their signature double-fry makes for the crispiest wings you’ll ever have.

  9. Chick-Fil-A

    There’s not much to say. If you don’t consider Chick-fil-a the best chicken sandwich out there we’ll fight you. Seriously.

  10. Mr Yogato’s Frozen Yogurt

    Let your creativity take over when piling on your endless toppings. The “rules of yogato” discounts makes this treat extra affordable.

  11. Ben’s Chili Bowl

    This DC institution will meet all your munchie needs. The half-smoked covered in chili will not leave you craving more.

  12. Papa John’s

    PJ’s is only worth it if you can get the 50% discount thanks to a DC sports teams. Luckily, we’ve got all 4 teams playing right now so chances are high.

  13. Jumbo Slice

    It’s far from gourmet, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck in all of DC.

  14. Buffalo Wild Wings

    The munchies and Wings go together like PB&J. Call ahead for takeout or use Postmates for delivery!

  15. Federalist Pig

    The name isn’t the only good thing here. They also slang the best bbq in the city. We suggest the wings or brisket.

  16. SUNdeVICH

    If you’re in a sandwich mood stop by SUNdeVICH. All three locations across the city can satisfy your cravings.

  17. Good Stuff Eatery

    There are not many places that make a better milkshake. If you’re not feeling the ice cream the burgers and fries are also top-notch.

  18. District Doughnuts

    Munchies can hit any time of the day. Get rid of your morning munchies with DC’s best doughnuts.

  19. Oohh’s & Aahh’

    Serving the best soul food in DC Oohhs & Aahhs is a must eat. The late-night hours make it a rivaled by none.

  20. Milk

    Warning: this place is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not a fan of sugar don’t come here. You have found the ultimate place to indulge your sweet tooth if you are.

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