The Secret to Your Best College Experience

The short answer is no. The more accurate answer is yes and no.

There is no universal “am I doing college right” thermometer. It’s impossible to know if you should be doing something different without using hindsight. What you can do is keep doing new things. The more experiences you have, the better you can ensure you’re maximizing the most unique time of your life.

I (Patrick Fish, ex-student) went to school in LA and realized too late that leaving my campus’ bubble with friends went a long way in making college a better time. After learning that lesson the hard way, I decided to save others the pain and, with some help, created Student IDeals.

At Student IDeals, we have created a Cheat Sheet of all the amazing activities going on around the DMV and deliver them to you, multiple ways, each week.

So, pick your poison: a weekly newsletter, a blog, Instagram, and a mobile app (iOS, Google Play) are all dedicated to keeping you in the know.

Think of us as your buddy who just graduated, realized what he could have done better, and decided to impart that wisdom to you.

Enjoy this crazy ride called College, and know we’re here to help.

– Patrick, Co-Founder & President Student IDeals

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